Pepperoni Pizza Stromboli

Pepperoni Pizza Stromboli

pepperoni stromboli5

Stromboli is perfect for those nights when you have a hankering for pizza, but not really. Stromboli is basically a Pizza roll. Pizza roll!! Sounds awesome right?! It’s the wonder child of pizza, and it’s worth all the hard word,  which is not as much as you prolly think by the way.  😉

pepperoni stromboli9

Pizza is just a plain ol’ pizza but Stromboli is a different way ( a cool and more fun way) to eat your fav PIZZA. Super simple and can be easily made at home.  Your family and friends will love you moreeee because these hoagie are so darn good. They will go all gaga over this because it is something that they don’t see it everyday.

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