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Zafrani Prawns Curry

Zafrani Prawns Curry (Coconut Saffron Prawns Curry) is an exquisitely delicious curry made with plump juicy prawns cooked in mellow sweet coconut milk and flavoured with a aromatic spice saffron (zafran). Make your weeknight meals or parties luxurious by preparing this easy peasy and …

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Shahi Duck Egg Korma Recipe

Shahi Duck Egg Korma (Hanser Dimer Korma) is a rich, aromatic and flavourful Mughlai egg curry. Whole boiled duck eggs are fried until golden, then smothered in creamy gravy made with cashew nut paste, yogurt and milk/coconut milk, and topped with fried onions (birista) makes …

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One Pot Coconut Rice with Prawns

One Pot Coconut Rice with Prawns topped with Caramalised Onions

Today’s recipe is One Pot Coconut Rice with Prawns. Super simple rice dish which is flavourful and delicate at the same time. Full of flavour from the spices and lovely tiger prawns, this dish comes together in a jiffy. This is such a …

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