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Patishapta Pitha

Patishapta Pitha is a traditional and most popular Bengali sweet recipe made during the auspicious occasion of Poush Parbon (Makar Sankranti). Bengali patishapta pitha is basically an eggless crepe made with rice flour, all purpose flour, semolina and …

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Rosh Bora Bengali Sweet

Rosh Bora is a traditional Poush Sankranti Bengali Sweet recipe. Rosh bora pitha is a winter delicacy that is made with fennel flavoured urad dal bora or fritters soaked in nolen gur (date palm jaggery) syrup or sugar syrup. …

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Motichoor Ladoo Recipe | Motichur Laddu

Motichoor Ladoo Recipe (Motichur Laddu) is a traditional Indian mithai/sweet. Indian festivals and occasions are incomplete without these sinfully delicious, melt in the mouth motichoor ladoos which are made with tiny deep fried gram flour/besan droplets dipped in sugar syrup and then shaped …

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Achari Chicken Crostini

Achari Chicken Crostini recipe is an Indian twist to an Italian appetizer. Toasted bread topped with spicy tangy Indian style achari chicken make a perfect finger food to entertain guests.

Achari Chicken Crostini recipeAchari Chicken Crostini recipe

Hi guys!

Hope you are all well where …

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Persian Love Biscotti (Rose Pistachio Biscotti)

Persian Love Biscotti (Rose Pistachio Biscotti) is a fragrant Italian double baked biscuits flavoured with rosewater, pistachios, cardamom, almonds and lemon. This Middle Eastern flavoured Rose Pistachio biscotti is wonderfully light and delicately spiced. WARNING: YOU ARE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH

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Achari Chicken Meatballs

Achari Chicken Meatballs is a lip-smacking Indian meatballs made with pickling spices and chicken. Achari chicken meatballs is so juicy, spicy and bursting with tantalising flavours. It makes a super quick party appetiser.

Achari Chicken MeatballsAchari Chicken Meatballs

Too many sweets since last few weeks. And if you know …

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Sweet Boondi (Meethi Boondi)

Sweet Boondi or Meethi Boondi or Sev Boondi are sweet, tiny deep fried golden pearls made with gram flour/besan and dipped in sugar syrup. Festivities or puja in India is incomplete with out this popular Indian sweet boondi recipe. Sweet boondi is …

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Besan Ki Barfi

Besan Ki Barfi or Gram flour Fudge is an indulgent and delicious ghee laden Indian mithai made with gram flour/ besan, ghee and sugar. This traditional Indian sweet is loved by one and all during festivities like Diwali or Holi …

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Shakkarpara Recipe (Shankarpali)

Shakkarpara Recipe (Shankarpali) are a popular and delicious crispy and flaky diamond shaped Indian sweet snacks made at home during festival like Diwali. These slightly sweet shakkarpara (shankarpali) are addictive and perfect to munch on with a cup of tea.

Shakharpara Recipe

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Peanut Chikki (Mungfali Chikki)

Peanut Chikki (Mungfali Chikki) is chewy, crunchy and sweet Indian style peanut brittle made with jaggery and roasted peanuts. This healthy and delicious sweet delight is easy to prepare with just 2 ingredient and perfect during festivities like Diwali. …

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Dimer Devil Kolkata Style

Bengali Dimer Devil (Indian Scotch Eggs) is a popular and lip smacking Kolkata style street food where hard boiled egg is wrapped in spicy potato masala flavoured with Bengali bhaja masala and garam masala which makes dimer …

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Indori Khopra Patties

Indori Khopra Patties are crispy and delicious potato patties filled with a spicy, tangy and sweet coconut, herbs and dried fruits stuffing. Every bite of these pillowy soft stuffed mashed potato patties is heavenly!

Indori Khopra PattiesIndori Khopra Patties

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