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Lamb bone broth is a comforting and a nourishing food at its best. This simple and quick lamb bone broth cooked in pressure cooker with minimal Indian spices is a nutrition powerhouse of many minerals, amino acids and has astounding health benefits. 

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30 minute Paneer Vegetable Stew

30 minute Paneer Vegetable Stew is a healthy, nutritious and delicious stew made with fresh vegetables and paneer (cottage cheese) with minimal spices with in 30 minutes. A big bowl of this hearty and warm stew is soul satisfying and perfect in this cold weather.


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Kacha Peper Ghonto (Raw Papaya Sabzi)

Kacha Peper Ghonto (Raw Papaya Sabzi) or grated papaya curry is an age old traditional classic Bengali preparation. Grated raw papaya (kacha pepe) cooked with potatoes, lentil dumplings, lots of dried fruits and warm Indian garam masala. It is extremely delicious and most satisfying …

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Butter Chicken Pasta (Chicken Makhani Pasta)

Butter Chicken Pasta or Murg Makhani Pasta is creamy and luscious, slightly spiced tomato based pasta cooked with spicy grilled tandoori chicken. A creamy pasta but without adding any cream. How cool is that! This butter chicken pasta is so delicious, warm and comforting and oh …

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Mulo Diye Matar Dal (Yellow Split Pea dal with Radish)

Mulo Diye Matar Dal (Yellow Split Pea dal with Radish) is a delicious lentil soup made with sweet, crisp white radish. This luscious Bengali dal flavoured with Indian 5 Spice (panch phoron) and dried red chillies is enjoyed with steaming hot rice or Indian flat bread. 

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Chocolate Chilli Mayonnaise Bundt Cake

Chocolate Chilli Mayonnaise Bundt Cake is super moist and rich chocolate cake as it is made with Mayonnaise with a hint of Chilli. This delicious cake is very easy to whip up and is made in just One bowl!


Chocolate Chilli Mayonnaise bundt CakeChocolate Chilli Mayonnaise bundt Cake

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Orange Cardamom Spiced Hot Chocolate

Orange Cardamom Spiced Hot Chocolate is seriously rich and silky smooth hot chocolate. This hot chocolate is perfectly spiced with a hint of orange and cardamom. Cozy up this winter with a delicious mug filled with an ultimate comfort drink orange cardamom hot chocolate to warm …

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Bramley Apple Chutney with Indian 5 Spice

Bramley Apple Chutney with Indian 5 Spice, is a wonderful amalgam of varied tastes, sweet, sour and tangy with a hint of spice. Bramley apple chutney with an Indian twist is extremely easy to make and can be whipped up under 30 minutes …

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Gobi Paratha (Indian Flatbread stuffed with Spicy Cauliflower)

Gobi Paratha also known as Punjabi gobi paratha. It is one of the most popular parathas in India. Gobi paratha or spicy cauliflower stuffed Indian flatbread. This delicious paratha can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch or dinner. These parathas are laden with butter or …

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Hyderabadi Dum Murgh (Hyderabadi Chicken Curry)

Hyderabadi Dum Murgh or slow cooked Hyderabadi Chicken Curry as the name suggests is a Hyderabadi take on this spicy chicken curry. This Hyderabadi dum murgh is a rich and aromatic Indian curry which makes a great one pot meal …

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Chinese Five Spice Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese five spice chicken fried rice is a delicious and aromatic fried rice. This chicken fried rice is a super-easy and a super-speedy supper. Makes a Perfect weeknight meal as it is jam-packed with flavour and it is quick to put together and is so delicious!  …

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