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Savoury Paneer and Veggies Multigrain Pancakes

Savoury Paneer and Veggies Multigrain Pancakes are delicious and protein packed pancakes which makes a great meal any time of the day breakfast or brunch or even dinner.

Savoury Paneer and Veggies Multigrain PancakesSavoury Paneer and Veggies Multigrain Pancakes

Hole peeps!!

Today I am going to share a super quick, super healthy and …

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Keema Matar Paratha | Lamb Mince Flatbread

Keema Matar Paratha | Lamb Mince Flatbread. An Indian delicacy where spicy and lip smacking mutton/lamb keema and matar (green peas) is stuffed in parathas. This delightful keema paratha is loved by meat lovers all over the world.

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Palak Medu Vada (Spinach Vada)

Palak Medu Vada (Spinach Vada) are delicious urad dal fritters that is crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. This protein packed keerai vadai (palak medu vada) is very addictive and loved by all family and friends when …

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Chocolate Ginger Whole Wheat Biscotti

Chocolate Ginger Whole Wheat Biscotti are crunchy, delicious and twice baked Italian cookies flavoured with crystallised ginger. This holiday season bake this amazing chocolate ginger biscotti for your loved ones to go with some coffee or hot chocolate. …

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Chocolate Banana Walnut Loaf

Chocolate Banana Loaf is an incredibly moist, delicious and healthy whole wheat flour loaf cake loaded with walnuts and chocolate chip. This banana chocolate walnut loaf is extremely quick and simple to whip up. Seriously a bowl and a …

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Easy Blueberry Muffins

Are you ready for the most delicious and easiest Blueberry muffins ever?! All you need is a bowl and a fork to make these moist Blueberry muffins. Learn how to make these PERFECT whole wheat flour muffins with fresh or frozen blueberries

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Spicy Hummus Butternut Squash Wrap

Spicy Hummus Szechuan Wrap with roasted Butternut squash is an incredibly flavourful and a healthy wrap that can be made within 30 minutes. Hummus Szechuan veggie wrap is the perfect amalgamation of sweetness of the butternut squash, the mellowness of the …

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Pumpkin Cardamom Whole Wheat Pancakes

Pumpkin Cardamom Whole Wheat Pancakes with Jaggery Caramelised Walnuts. These pumpkin whole wheat pancakes spiced with cardamom are super fluffy so full of goodness and maks a perfect healthy breakfast. Top it up with jaggery caramelised walnuts for that extra …

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Chicken Cutlet Kolkata Style

Chicken Cutlet Kolkata Style a popular Bengali street food is crispy-crunchy on the outside and deliciously spiced and succulent on the inside. These Kolkata style crispy fried chicken cutlets are my favourite tea time snack as not only they are delicious but they can be made …

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Bengali Cholar Dal with Coconut

Bengali Cholar Dal with Coconut (Narkel diye Cholar dal) is a traditional and festive Bengali dish. This warm and mellow ghee laden sweet and savoury cholar dal with golden fried coconut pieces and raisins is bursting with flavours and is …

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Chana Dal Puri Bihari Style

Chana Dal Puri Bihari style (Bengal gram dal stuffed puris) is a traditional and festive dish from the state of Bihar. Spicy cooked chana dal is stuffed inside wheat flour dough, rolled into puris then deep fried to perfection. Traditionally dal puri

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Khura (Arunachali Buckwheat pancake)

Khura (Arunachali Buckwheat pancake) is a popular breakfast of Arunachal Pradesh. Khura or Buckwheat pancakes are super soft pancakes devoured with a cup of butter tea. And in our case we enjoyed with jaggery syrup.

Khura (Arunachali Buckwheat pancake)Khura (Arunachali Buckwheat pancake)

Arunachal Pradesh

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