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Zucchini Prawns Curry

Zucchini Prawns Curry is a spicy and delicious Indian style curry. This zucchini prawns curry is a weeknight favourite, quick and easy to make and is packed with amazing flavours.

Zucchini Prawns Curry recipeZucchini Prawns Curry recipe

Hola peeps!!

I am back with a fun recipe today, We enjoy …

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Shorshe Maach (Bengali Mustard Fish Curry)

Shorshe Maach or Mustard fish is a traditional Bengali style fish curry made with fresh homemade mustard paste. This shorshe posto maach recipe tastes amazing with steaming hot rice.

Shorshe Maach (Bengali Mustard Fish Curry)Shorshe Maach (Bengali Mustard Fish Curry)

Fish and mustard is a very popular combination in Bengali …

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Kolambi Bhat (Maharashtrian Prawns Pulao)

Kolambi Bhat ( Prawns Pulao) is a one pot Maharashtrian Style prawns rice. This aromatic, spicy & absolutely flavourful marathi kolambi bhat recipe is spiced with fresh homemade goda masala (Maharashtrian blend of spices). This lip smacking prawns rice with some raita make a …

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Amritsari Fish Fry (Amritsari Macchi)

Amritsari Fish Fry recipe (Amritsari Macchi) is a crispy, crunchy and delicious gluten free Indian style fish fry. This battered fish fry is made with white fish coated in Indian spices, gram flour or besan, carom seeds, lime juice and yogurt. This Amritsari fish is a …

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Chingri Macher Malaicurry

Chingri Macher Malaicurry or prawns malaicurry is a traditional Bengali dish where plump juicy prawns are cooked in thick coconut milk flavoured with Bengali gota garam masala. Chingri macher malaicurry along with dry fruit pulao is an absolute delight!

Chingri Macher MalaicurryChingri Macher Malaicurry

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Pomfret Macher Jhal (Pomfret Curry)

Pomfret Macher Jhal (Bengali Pomfret Curry) is a spicy and lip-smacking onion-tomato based Bengali fish curry flavoured with nigella seeds (kalo jeera), garlic and green chillies. It is easy to make and takes less than 30 minutes. Serve this pomfret curry with rice to make a perfect weeknight …

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Shorshe Bhindi Chingri

Shorshe Bhindi Chingri (Okra & Prawns in Mustard Sauce) is a delicious Bengali preparation. Shorshe dharosh chingri is made with okra/bhindi and prawns cooked in pungent mustard sauce made with mustard seeds, poppy seeds, green chillies and freshly grated coconut.

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Fish Orly (Fish Butter Fry)

Fish Orly or Fish Butter Fry or Fish Batter Fry is an Indian take on the classic British Fish and Chips. Buttery soft well seasoned white fish with crispy and fluffy outer coating tastes absolutely mouthwatering and delicious when served with tartar sauce or kasundi …

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Prawns Biryani Instant Pot

Instant Pot Prawns Biryani is a delicious and spicy mix of aromatic basmati rice and prawns, cooked in ghee and flavoured with warm and fragrant spices. An INSTANT POT /PRESSURE COOKER makes the whole process much easier and cuts short the time to half. Seriously this …

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Burnt Ginger Soy Fish

Burnt Ginger Soy Fish is a delicious Asian flavoured fish preparation. Batter shallow fried basa fish is infused with warm and fragrant burnt ginger and soy flavours. 15 minutes is all you need to prepare this flavourful burnt ginger fish. Perfect as an appetizer …

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Macher Chop Bengali Style (Fish Croquettes)

Macher Chop Bengali Style (Fish Croquettes) a popular street food of West Bengal. This deep fried Bengali fish croquette is soft, delicious and so fishy on the inside with a crispy breaded coating on outside. Follow the step by step recipe to make the perfect

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Zafrani Prawns Curry

Zafrani Prawns Curry (Coconut Saffron Prawns Curry) is an exquisitely delicious curry made with plump juicy prawns cooked in mellow sweet coconut milk and flavoured with a aromatic spice saffron (zafran). Make your weeknight meals or parties luxurious by preparing this easy peasy and …

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