Tomato and Date Chutney

 Tomato-Khejurer Chutney

Tomato and Date Chutney

Today’s recipe is Tomato and Date Chutney, a sweet and tangy chutney with all the goodness of tomatoes and dates, which can be either eaten as a condiment or as a relish. 

Every bengali meal is deficient without this incredible chutney. This is a dish made by most Bengalis and is usually eaten at the end of a meal by itself. Be it any religious functions, parties or day to day meal, chutney is a requisite for a complete soul satisfying hearty meal. The main purpose of the chutney has always been to help with the digestion of the yummy goodies of the mains and starters a full fledged bengali meal consists off. 


Traditionally, tomato chutney is served as a last condiment to sweeten your pallet but hubby likes to relish it along with the food. Tomato chutney is one of my favourites. Whether you make it with date/khejur or aamsotto or lots of raisins it is simply divine.


Tomato and Date chutney is laden with fresh plum tomatoes, dates, raisins and sugar and beautiful aromatic spices. Today I made this recipe with fennel seeds only but traditionally chutney is made with Panch phoron, which is a mixture of cumin seeds (jeera), fenugreek seeds (methi), mustard seeds, kalaunji (onion seeds) and fennel seeds (saunf).

tomato-date chutney

Tomato and Date Chutney
A delicious sweet and tangy chutney with all the goodness of Tomatoes and Dates.
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  1. 500 grams plump red Tomatoes
  2. 10-12 dates, deseeded and cut in half
  3. 1-2 teaspoons raisins (optional)
  4. 125 grams Sugar
  5. 2 Dried Red Chilli
  6. 1 teaspoon fennel seeds/ panch phoron
  7. a pinch of salt
  8. 2 teaspoon oil
  1. Wash the tomatoes and chop them into small pieces.
  2. Heat the oil in a heavy bottom pan, when hot enough add in the fennel seeds/ panch phoron and the dried red chilli. Once is starts splattering add in the tomatoes and the salt, give it a good mix. Cover and cook until the tomatoes turn soft and mushy. Now add in the sugar and mix it well. cook it for another 3-5 mins.
  3. Finally add in the dates and raisins (optional) and mix it all well.
  4. Check the seasoning, add salt and sugar if required. Cook the chutney till it thickens or until the desired consistency is achieved.
  5. Enjoy your Tomato date chutney at room temperature or chill it before serving. I personally enjoy the chutney when its chilled.
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