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Rajasthani Laal Maas

Laal maas
 is an authentic Rajasthani fiery red hot meat curry recipe. Rajasthani laal mass is made with spicy dried mathania chillies along with yogurt and some flavourful warm spices. This rustic mutton curry can be enjoyed with both roti and rice.

Rajasthani Laal Maas recipe

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Koraishutir Kochuri (Bengali Peas Kachori)

Koraishutir Kochuri recipe (Bengali Green Peas Kachori) is a deep fried puffy bread stuffed with deliciously spiced green peas filling. Matarshutir kachori or Koraishutir kochuri along with cholar dal and aloor dum is a traditional winter delicacy in each and every Bengali …

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Chicken Pulao (Pilaf) Recipe

Chicken Pulao or pilaf  is delicious, fragrant and bursting with flavours. This quick and simple chicken pulao recipe cooked in Instant pot or Stovetop makes a perfect weeknight supper when served with some yogurt raita.

Chicken Pulao (Instant Pot & Stovetop)Chicken Pulao (Instant Pot & Stovetop)

I am all all about …

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Chicken Korma (Murgh Korma)

Chicken Korma (Murgh Korma) is a shahi and rich Mughlai chicken curry. This lusciously creamy and succulent chicken korma recipe is prepared in ghee with yogurt and nuts paste, warm spices and crispy fried onion. Murgh korma is served with naan or roti, but can also …

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Begun Pora Kofta Curry

Begun Pora Kofta Curry (Roasted Eggplant Kofta Curry) is a delicious and creamy curry made with tender roasted begun/eggplant kofta simmered in flavourful and luscious sauce. Perfect curry to be mopped up with some phulkas as well as rice.

Begun Pora Kofta CurryBegun Pora Kofta Curry

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Hope you …

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Paneer Makhani (Paneer Butter Masala)

Paneer Makhani or Paneer Butter Masala is a very well known North-Indian curries in Indian restaurants all around the world. Paneer Makhani is rich, creamy and delicate tomato-based curry cooked with soft paneer/cottage cheese. It sure is very indulgent and flavourful. It goes …

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Chingri Macher Malaicurry

Chingri Macher Malaicurry or prawns malaicurry is a traditional Bengali dish where plump juicy prawns are cooked in thick coconut milk flavoured with Bengali gota garam masala. Chingri macher malaicurry along with dry fruit pulao is an absolute delight!

Chingri Macher MalaicurryChingri Macher Malaicurry

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Achari Baingan

Achari Baingan is spicy, tangy and full of flavour eggplant curry with pickling spices like methi seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds and nigella seeds. Achari baingan is quick and simple to prepare which makes it perfect to for a delicious weeknight meal when served …

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Lamb Chana Masala (Lamb Chickpea Curry)

Lamb Chana Masala is a North Indian style super delicious and spicy chickpeas curry made with lamb or mutton. This flavourful Indian curry goes perfectly with parathas or naan.

Lamb Chana MasalaLamb Chana Masala

Few days back we did a lovely bbq party, and in the end …

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Dal Fry Dhaba Style

DAL FRY is a popular North Indian dhaba style dal recipe made with a mixture of toor dal / pigeon pea lentil and chana dal cooked to perfection along with spiced onion, tomatoes and aromatic tempering making it irresistible. Serve dal fry …

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Tandoori Roti on Tawa

Tandoori Roti is a popular Indian dhaba style flatbread that can be made at home on tawa or skillet. Ghee smeared soft tandoori roti along with a curry/dal is just sheer bliss.

Tandoori Roti on TawaTandoori Roti on Tawa

OK, I have to agree I have been missing dhaba …

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Doodh Potol (Parwal in Milk Gravy)

Doodh Potol (Parwal in Milk Gravy) is a Bengali delicacy where pointed gourd/ parwal/ potol is cooked in milk gravy mildly flavoured with whole spices. Makes a lovely weeknight meal when served it with luchi/puri or roti or rice.

Dudh Potol RecipeDudh Potol Recipe

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