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Aamer Tok Dal

Aamer Tok Dal or Toker dal, a Bengali delicacy during summer is a tangy and creamy lentil soup made with raw mango (kacha aam). Toker dal is very easy to make and can be whipped up super quick …

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KFC Style Veg and Paneer Strips

KFC Style Veg and Paneer Strips are crispy and crunchy vegetable nuggets that is loaded with paneer and a cheesy surprise inside. Perfect dish to sneak in vegetables in your kids diet.

KFC Style Veg and Paneer Strips KFC Style Veg and Paneer Strips

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Bandhakopir Torkari Dim Diye

Bandhakopir Torkari Dim Diye is a classic Bengali style dry cabbage curry with a twist. Bandhakopir Torkari is made with cabbage, potatoes and flavoured with aromatic whole spices and Bengali garam masala and topped with scrambled egg. Makes a wholesome and …

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Mumbai Pav Bhaji in Instant Pot

Pav Bhaji in Instant Pot is one of the most popular and loved street foods of Mumbai. Mumbai style Pav bhaji is a delicious and flavourful buttery mashed up mixed vegetable curry made with a special blend of spices (pav bhaji masala) that is mopped …

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Milk Rusk (Homemade Bread Rusk)

Milk Rusk (Homemade Bread Rusk) is a twice baked crispy and crunchy cardamom flavoured homemade sweet toast biscuit. This sweet bread rusk is a popular tea time snack and so loved by one and all in India.

Milk Rusk (sweet bread rusk)Milk Rusk (sweet bread rusk)

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Aloor Chop (Bengali Alur Chop)

Aloor Chop (Bengali Alur Chop) is a popular street food of West Bengal. This deep fried gluten free and vegan Bengali style potato croquette is soft and flavourful on the inside with a crispy chickpea/besan coating on the outside. Alur Chop is …

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Date Palm Jaggery Whole Wheat Loaf

Date Palm Jaggery Whole Wheat Loaf is a healthy and delicious moist cake. This eggless cake and sugarless cake is slightly sweetened with Khejur er gur (date palm jaggery) and loaded with nuts and raisins makes it a …

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Paneer Lababdar Dhaba Style

Paneer Lababdar Dhaba Style a popular North Indian paneer preparation is lusciously rich and creamy (without adding cream) dish with succulent paneer/cottage cheese cooked in aromatic and flavourful onion-tomato gravy. Oh-so indulgent when served with naan or parathas.

Paneer Lababdar Dhaba StylePaneer Lababdar Dhaba Style

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Alphonso Mango Frozen Yogurt

Alphonso Mango Frozen Yogurt is really creamy and delicious with intense mango flavour. This mango fro-yo is kinda guilt-free alternative to ice cream but as delicious. Learn how to make mango frozen yogurt with or without ice-cream maker.

Alphonso mango frozen yogurtAlphonso mango frozen yogurt

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Doi Potol (Dahi Parwal)

Doi Potol (Dahi Parwal) is a mild and creamy popular Bengali dish where potol or pointed gourd is cooked in yogurt sauce spiced and flavoured with warm whole spices. A bowl of doi potol and hot steaming rice and I am all sorted.

Doi Potol (Dahi Parwal)Doi Potol (Dahi Parwal)

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Indian Cake Rusk

Indian Cake Rusk or Indian biscotti is a twice baked buttery, crunchy and light as air cardamom flavoured rusks, the perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee. Indian tea time is incomplete without cake rusks. Follow Step by step recipe to make bakery style cake rusk at home. …

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