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Chicken Cutlet Kolkata Style

Chicken Cutlet Kolkata Style a popular Bengali street food is crispy-crunchy on the outside and deliciously spiced and succulent on the inside. These Kolkata style crispy fried chicken cutlets are my favourite tea time snack as not only they are delicious but they can be made …

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Chicken Rezala Bengali Style

Chicken Rezala is a rich and delicious Mughal influenced Bengali style chicken curry. Chicken rezala is a mild and delicately flavoured dish made with aromatic and rich spices. Let’s see (step by step) how to make authentic Kolkata style chicken rezala …

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Mansa Tarkari (Mutton Curry) Odia Style

Mansa Tarkari Odia Style is a popular mutton curry from the state of Orissa. Mansa aloo tarkari is a spicy and lip smacking curry made with mustard oil and minimal aromatic spices. Mutton potato curry makes a perfect weekend meal.

Mangsha Tarkari (Mutton Curry) Odia Style

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Chicken 65 Kerala Style

Chicken 65 Kerala Style is a popular hot and spicy Indian appetiser. Chicken pieces are marinated with yogurt that is spiced with Indian spices and deep fried until crispy and golden brown, then flavoured with lots of curry leaves and green chillies. This …

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Anardana Chicken Himachali Style

Anardana Chicken Himachali Style (Pomegranate Chicken) is a flavourful chicken preparation from Himachal Pradesh. Chicken is cooked in aromatic spices and dried pomegranate seeds that adds a unique tart and tangy flavour and a pinkish-reddish colour to the dish. …

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Malvani Chicken Curry Recipe

Malvani style Chicken Curry is a spicy and flavourful chicken recipe from the coastal region of Maharashtra – Malvan. Authentic Malvani chicken curry is made with hot and aromatic homemade Malvani masala and lots of coconut. A perfect chicken curry …

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Chicken Clear Soup Recipe

Chicken Clear Soup is one of the healthiest and simplest recipe ever. This Chicken clear soup is made with chicken, lots of vegetables and few Chinese sauces. It is a baby/kid friendly soup too.

Chicken Clear Soup

Hello my lovely friends!!

Last …

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Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken is one of the most popular Indo-Chinese dish in Indian restaurants or road side stalls. This Chinese chicken recipe is supremely spicy, crispy and uber delicious. Battered crispy fried boneless chicken is cooked in tasty and spicy garlic-chilli gravy. Enjoy …

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Chicken Handi (Restaurant Style Murgh Handi)

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Chicken Handi (Restaurant Style Murgh Handi) is one of the popular curries in India. It is mild and creamy (without adding cream) and very flavourful. This restaurant style Chicken Handi made with lots of yogurt and coriander seeds is fairly easy …

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Afghani Style Tandoori Chicken

Afghani Style Tandoori Chicken is an incredibly moist and juicy and tender roasted chicken marinated with yogurt, kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves) and few spices. This tandoori chicken is full of flavours and is perfect for bbq or grill it in …

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